Lesson 2: Simple Ways to Incorporate Accessibility


  • Accessible Syllabi
  • Text font style, color, size, and hyperlinks
  • Table, chart, graph, and diagram structure
  • Alternative text and images
  • Accessible documents
  • Accessible multimedia
  • Qualities of accessible syllabi
  • Fundamentals of color use
  • Fundamentals of text use
  • What makes tables, charts, and graphs ¬†accessible
  • Accessible image fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of accessible documents
  • Fundamentals of accessible media sources


  • Color accessibility demonstration
  • Check documents for appropriate color
  • Importance of font style, format, and size
  • Appropriate header use within documents
  • How to add alternative text
  • Demonstrate accessible table
  • Demonstrate inaccessible table
  • Creating appropriate links and file names
  • Demonstrate importance of alternative text
  • How to write descriptive alternative text
  • Demonstrate an accessible document
  • Demonstrate an inaccessible document
  • Students that rely on accessible documents
  • Demonstrate accessible media
  • Demonstrate inaccessible media
  • Students that rely on accessible media


  1. Complete lesson 2
  2. Participate in lesson 2 forum
  3. Submit the required (checklist)