Getting Started

To get started in the course, you should:

I. Learn About The Course

Accessibility in the Classroom was created by NC State University’s IT Accessibility Office with support from UNC System, DELTA, and the College of Education, to support faculty and staff members in the UNC System as they create accessible instructional materials.


  • Cost: Free
  • Delivery Method: Online
  • Topics Covered:
    • Understanding accessibility
    • Simple ways to incorporate accessible design
    • Creating accessible documents
    • Creating accessible multimedia
  • Course Structure:
    • Length: 6 weeks
    • Lessons: 6
      • Lessons 1-5 contain:
        • Instructional content
        • Self-checks (answers not retained or graded)
        • Application activity
      • Lesson 6 contains:
        • Final assessment
        • Course exit survey
    • Major project: Accessible Syllabus

Participants are expected to dedicate approximately 2 hours each week to complete course assignments.

Participants who complete the course and submit all assignments will receive an Accessibility in the Classroom certificate issued by the NC State IT Accessibility Office and the UNC System Office.


The information and resources housed in this site are available for public use and viewing at any time. However, to access the course’s discussion forums, to obtain feedback on course assignments, and to receive the Accessibility in the Classroom certificate, participants must enroll in the course via Reporter (opens in a new tab).

The upcoming cohort starts September 3, 2018.


Please send course-related questions to


When you complete the self-checks, your answers will not be graded or retained. When you submit an assignment via a form, the answer will be retained and sent to instructors for grading, but the form may reset after you complete your submission.

II. Complete the Course Pre-Assessment

The Course Pre-Assessment (opens in a new tab) contains 10 multiple choice questions that will help you assess your current knowledge of accessibility.

III. Introduce Yourself

In the Introduction Forum (opens in a new tab), share with the class a brief description of your role at your institution, your previous experience with accessibility (if any), and the reason for your interest in the course.

Once you have completed these tasks, you are ready to start with Lesson 1: The Impact of Accessibility in the Classroom.

There are two ways to access the lesson:

  1. Click on the Lesson 1: Overview button below
  2. Choose Lesson 1 from the Lessons drop-down menu

We hope you will enjoy the course. Good luck!