Lesson 2.1: Text

A great deal of information is communicated through text, whether in documents or online. Because of this, it is critical to consider what type of text should be used.

Choosing Accessible Text

Watch the following video to learn important aspects of choosing accessible text.

Google Doc: Accessible Text Video Transcript

The key feature of accessible text is that it is easy to read. Aspects of accessible text include the following:

  • All text can be highlighted, copied, and pasted
  • Real text is used instead of images of text
  • Simple, readable fonts are used
  • There is no use of blinking or moving text
  • Text size is readable and appropriate in its context
  • Text color contrasts strongly with its background
  • An explanation for abbreviations and acronyms is available
  • There is adequate use of built-in bulleting and/or numbering formats

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