Lesson 4.3: Find an Accessible Video

Activity: Find an Accessible Video

In this activity, you will use information provided in this course, particularly Lesson 4, to find an accessible video related to your discipline. The video should contain all the necessary elements of accessibility. The video should be appropriate for the educational environment you work in. For example, teaching faculty may want to find content videos, while instructional designers may want to find tutorial videos about using course-related technology. If you have trouble finding a completely accessible video, reflect on the accessibility elements that are missing.


  • Media player is accessible
  • Video includes captions
  • Video uses descriptive language or includes audio descriptions
  • Video includes a transcript link

Note: You may choose to share your video or discuss its characteristics in the forum.


Submit your accessible video here.
  • What makes this video accessible? If it is not completely accessible, what characteristics are missing? (This can be short.)

Lesson 4 Forum

Forum: Lesson 4 Forum

After you have found an accessible video, you may visit the Lesson 4 discussion forum. Lessons 1 through 5 feature a discussion forum linked within the last module of the lesson.

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